Different Movers—Your Source for Exceptional Moving Services in Vienna, VA!

Fully bonded and insured, Different Movers is a moving company in Vienna, VA. We provide effective and efficient moving services for home and business moves.


Moving can be quite the tedious affair, but with the right kind of help, you won’t have to worry about a thing!


It’s not always easy to make time for all the technicalities a move requires—from packing everything to up to transporting it to your new home or office; it can be difficult to manage everything effectively. However, with our help of our moving services in Vienna, you can take the help of a professional you can trust.


We also offer comprehensive packaging services to our clients, which takes the burden of packing up all your possessions off your back. The packing process is a crucial step of the moving process, so it’s essential to get it just right—at Different Movers, we can help ensure that all your precious items are packaged safely to ensure they stay protected during the move.


Our trained movers pack, load, and deliver all your furniture and other items cautiously, making it an entirely hassle-free experience for you! Our range of packaging services includes full packing, partial packing, floor protection, and fragile packing services.


If you’re in need of a storage space to keep your items, Different Movers has that covered too! You can get long-term storage solutions for up to 6 months, where the security of your valuables is guaranteed. Price on storage services vary depending on inventory size and season, so don’t hesitate to call us for more information.


By letting us take care of all the details of your move, you have the time and the mental capacity to tend to other tasks such as setting up internet and cable at the new place, as well as handling other responsibilities of your work and personal life at the same time.


Read to make the move? Give us a call at 703-997-0916 and provide the details—we’ll offer you a price quote that’s right for you!


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